This Is Me

A transformative photography project in collaboration with Women’s Aid aimed at empowering young individuals affected by domestic abuse. This meaningful initiative, supported by the Community Arts Partnership in Belfast, was part of their ‘This Is Me’ project series.

About the Project

Ten resilient young participants, alongside dedicated staff members, engaged in a journey of self-expression and healing through the lens of photography. Given the sensitive nature of the subject matter, the focus was on creating a safe and supportive environment where the young people could explore their creativity without appearing in the photos.

The project aimed to provide a therapeutic outlet for these young people, allowing them to navigate their emotions and stories through the powerful medium of photography. It also sought to raise awareness about the impact of domestic abuse on young lives and contribute to breaking the silence surrounding such crucial issues.

Generously funded by the Community Arts Partnership Northern Ireland, this initiative exemplifies the organization’s commitment to fostering healing and resilience through artistic expression.The project not only provided a platform for personal expression but also contributed to building a supportive community for these young people.


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