Photography For the Deaf Community: Advanced

The photography group aimed to offer people with hearing loss an opportunity to develop their interest in photography, while reducing social isolation and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. This advanced workshop program also aimed to develop the more creative elements of photography practice.

About the Project

Following the success of the first Arts Care Northern Ireland photography program for the local deaf community in the Newry & Mournes area, participants requested that a follow up advanced program be provided for participants who wished to develop their skills further.

client quote

“Gwen put a lot of work into providing visual aids and cues for participants with hearing loss, like screen shots and hand-outs. As well as having an interpreter present, it’s always reassuring to have something to refer to at home when attempting the assignments. We have tried out several different programs for the deaf community and I have to say that this is probably one of the most successful. It’s been great”

“I have confidence now to know what to look for in a camera, I can buy the right camera for me. I love the images I've made. “I’m going to hang these on the wall and show everyone and say look, I did that!” Cathy

I’m learning and experimenting all the time bringing my camera with me and not afraid to try out what we have learned.

This is me, mixing up art and photography, would never have thought of this. It’s great, wish we could keep this group going

project images


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