Art & Technology: Women Techmakers 2023

Gwen was invited to speak about Art & Technology at Women Techmakers (WTM), Google’s global program and brand for women in technology. WTM hosted its 2023 annual conference, in celebration of International Women’s Day, at Queens University Belfast. 

She describes how she is currently using new technologies such as Game Engine Software and Immersive Technologies in her artistic practice and how creativity and life long learning has sustained her engineering career. So, if you are an Artist who feels intimidated by Technology or a Technologist who believes they haven’t a creative bone in their body, then this talk dispels some myths for you. 

Gwen describes how creativity is a fundamental element of Engineering and is concerned with the generation of effective, novel solutions to problems. She says that artists are also problems solvers and that new technology impacts significantly on art since artists use new technologies to create independent innovative technological applications. 

All talks from WTM Belfast 2023 are now available on their YouTube Channel:  @WTMBelfast

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