About Me

I am a Northern Ireland based artist working with new media and technology and am a current recipient of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Individual Digital Evolution Award. My current interests are in exploring impermanence as it relates to environmental, end of life, and cross-cultural COVID-19 legacy issues. 

Collaborating with groups and organisations as a facilitator/advisor allows me to set up programs for longer term consultation that are safe spaces for collaboration and co-creation. Working across site-specific and community contexts on a wide range of arts and creativity projects including public realm, arts in health, public health, arts and disability, youth arts, arts and older people and intercultural arts projects across Northern Ireland,  gives me access to people, situations, and places I wouldn’t normally encounter. 

I am motivated by the belief that the arts and technology has a participatory role in shaping society, addressing universal suffering and environmental sustainability while supporting social change.


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